However you define it for yourself, financial success is the result of a long series of sound decisions made throughout your life. Nothing happens overnight and the path to financial freedom is a long one. While this is often understood, many are stressed by their finances or feel they don’t fully understand their available options. 

At SFM, we strive to help our clients best understand the financial choices they have and the potential outcomes of those decisions. By best understanding the choices you make now, we help our clients feel confident in their financial future.  

Your financial life involves far more than just investments. From understanding the basics of a first time home purchase, how your investment strategy can affect your income taxes, to how you can best save for a child’s education; your financial life is complex and ever-changing.

The SFM Ascend service is designed to help clients understand their complete financial life.
What can you expect as an SFM Ascend client?

  • Personal Meetings – What are your priorities and goals? Meet regularly with a Financial Planning Professional to discuss your financial life. Discuss near term goals and future goals. We will provide you with financial projections to help you visualize the decisions you have ahead of you.
  • Investment Account Management – A Financial Planning Professional will help you determine an appropriate investment strategy and work to implement it, regardless of where your accounts are held.
  • Action Plans – Creation of a realistic, executable action plan for both short term and long term goals. Your advisor will help ensure the action plan gets executed by monitoring your progress and being a resource when needed.
  • Client Portal – Receive a secure online client portal to monitor assets & spending, create budgets, view reports, organize documents and more.   
  • Professional Referrals – Benefit from our network of financial professionals as needed: trust & estate lawyers, accountants, etc.


Ascend Service Pricing