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SFM is a fee-only investment management firm located in Manchester, New Hampshire, just west of the Merrimack River. Clients receive services that include unbiased investment analysis, financial planning, portfolio management, business solutions and other specialized services. Our firm understands the level of trust a person places in his/her financial manager and makes a commitment to always be true to that fiduciary role. We will exhibit the same level of care and concern for your financial affairs as we do for our own families' assets.

Since 1998, we have helped our clients analyze their assets, retirement savings, and business holdings to optimize the overall portfolio structure in order for them to achieve long term success. Our team approach provides security, diligence, and customization that clients may not receive from an individual investment advisor. SFM believes honesty, transparency, and trust are paramount in forming an advisor client relationship; we look forward to helping you.

SFM, LLC is a registered investment advisor with the United Stated Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Glenn Sweeney |
Issued: March 3, 2023 The Dow closed the month of February at 32,657 for a loss of -1,429 points or -4.2%. The rally that started in January has stalled as inflation statistics have broken their downward trend and headed upward. In addition, retail sales for January were unusually strong and the economy is proving to be resilient against all of the interest rate increases initiated by the Federal Reserve. The stock market did not like...
Glenn Sweeney |
Issued: February 6, 2023 The Dow closed the month of January at 34,086 for a gain of 939 points or 2.8%. The NASDAQ was up 11% for the month. Many of the stocks that suffered the worst declines in 2022 rallied strongly into the new year. It may not persist, but it is good to start 2023 with gains across the board. Bonds are also making a comeback with positive returns for the first month...
Glenn Sweeney |
Market Synopsis: Fourth Quarter 2022 2022 was a tumultuous year for investors as both public stock and bond markets declined in value. Due in large part to a mix of inflation, rising interest rates, the war in Ukraine, and midterm elections, investors struggled to find positive gains in a difficult year. Unlike past downturns the “safety net” of bonds was not there this year as bonds declined by historic levels along with stocks (a very...